Victory Lap: Drunkblogging the Pre-Post Iowa, Pre-Post Impeachment SOTU

Victory Lap: Drunkblogging the Pre-Post Iowa, Pre-Post Impeachment SOTU

Pre-post what?

Iowa is over, except it isn’t. Impeachment is over, except it isn’t. There’s this sort-of limbo fog that’s descended over Democratic politics, engulfing everything but the star of tonight’s reality show so crazy that no one could ever have scripted it.

Whether the issue is impeachment or the Iowa debacle, President Trump can do one of three things during tonight’s State of the Union address. He can:

• Politely ignore it.

• Dismiss its importance with a polite, humorous jab.

• Go for the jugular.

If I’m a Democrat attending tonight, I’d be entering the chamber with a sense of trepidation, as if my parents had just told me they were sending me to Camp Crystal Lake for the summer. They’ve seen what Trump is willing to say and do when he’s on the ropes. What might he do now — buoyed by a failed impeachment, surging poll numbers, and the Dems of Iowa?

What do you think Trump will do?

Two nights of drunkblogging in a row is a younger man’s game, but here I am anyway.

Still, I’ll let some younger man or woman write the full wrapup here at PJ or one of our sister Townhall sites.

I will say one thing in closing though.

Whatever his faults and virtues, all magnified by his own boosterism and the press’s funhouse magnifying glass, Trump is unreservedly and unabashedly pro-American. A gung-ho patriot, delivering a gung-ho patriotic speech.

Like running into an old friend after years and years apart, that’s something you maybe didn’t realize how much you missed until it was right there in front of you again.

And there it is.

I don’t often give advice, but if you’ll allow me this once: Don’t watch the MSN wrap-ups.

Bask in what you saw, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

“The best is yet to come.”

Trump’s ending with a rousing call to the sprit of workers and pioneers.

It’s just so perfectly damn American that it almost feels foreign after the last 20-plus years of waffling.

It’s all-American, and a very inclusive vision of America.

I can’t remember a finer speech by an American president since Reagan stood in front of the Berlin Wall.

First SOTU shoutout ever to Annie Oakley? Awesome, if so. Awesome, even if not so.

OK, bringing a soldier home from deployment to greet his family at SOTU is just damn near unfair.

In the best possible way, but still.

Will Dems stand for peace…?


But they don’t look happy about having to do it when Trump is waging it.

“As we defend American lives, we are working to end America’s wars in the Middle East.”

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