Tucker Carlson Savages The New York Times For Dishonest Reportage On Coronavirus (VIDEO)

Like many other media outlets, the New York Times has greatly shifted its angle on reports about the Coronavirus and the crisis it has caused.

So much of their reportage has been driven by left wing politics, and that has been obvious to anyone who has been paying attention.

Tucker Carlson recently broke it all down in a monologue on his show.

From FOX News:

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Tucker Carlson: 4 ways to understand the establishment media’s screwed up coronavirus coverage

The New York Times, in case you don’t read it, is still being published, and it is still out in New York. It ran a piece the other day with this headline, “Alarm, Denial, Blame: The Pro-Trump Media’s Coronavirus Distortion.”

They had the same themes.

In the tally of The New York Times’ coronavirus coverage of this show and elsewhere followed a certain pattern. The pattern, they told us, went this way.

Step one: Blame China. According to The New York Times, “When the virus ravaged China, some pundits on the right warned the country couldn’t be trusted to contain the outbreak or share accurate information about where it originated.”

Can you believe they thought that? Where did they get that idea?

Because it’s true. But The New York Times doesn’t admit that.

Then, step two: Playing down the risks; followed by step three: Share survivor stories to show the virus wasn’t so bad. And finally, step four: Blame the left.

Watch the video below:

On a related note, watch this Tucker Carlson clip from way back in January.

This is amazing:

Democrats were wasting America’s time chasing impeachment when this was all beginning.

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