Drunkblogging the New Hampshire Primary

Drunkblogging the New Hampshire Primary

The question on my mind tonight is: Who will pick up the scraps of Joe Biden leftover from Iowa?

Time did a story today on New Hampshire’s “paralyzed” voters, afraid of making the wrong choice — “wrong” in their case meaning “can’t beat Trump.”

Who to choose?

The New York billionaire who wants to illegally disarm black and brown people, and legally disarm everyone else?

The former vice president who already skedaddled from your state to make his last stand in South Carolina?

The one-time mayor whose main accomplishment is the ability to speak 126 corporate buzzwords in a row without saying anything?

That nice-looking lady who filed the lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, and whatever happened to her anyway?

The schoolteacher-looking lady who talks about niceness and getting along with everyone when she isn’t throwing heavy objects at her staff?

The old Bolshevik from New York?

The not-quite-as-old Menshevik from neighboring Massachusetts?

What about the free money guy who won’t wear a tie?

We’ll find out soon enough, as the last of the polls close at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

But the cocktails start right…


(Plus these live results courtesy of the great people at DDHQ.)

The Bernie/Buttigieg spread is widening again rather than narrowing, and with almost 79% reporting it’s difficult to see an upset developing.

So I’m going to call it a night.

If you’re one of the few, those happy few, who used the SocialismSucks promo code to become a VIP member tonight: I salute you!

If not, that 15% discount is still good for a few more hours on our signup page.

One last thing: DDHQ just sent some interesting numbers my way, but it’s too late to do anything with them tonight. Come back tomorrow for the full report!

And thanks for tuning in tonight. As always, it’s been blast.

It’s cute that Tom thinks any of these candidates are moderate, and puts his NeverTrumpism into perfect perspective.

Going to be difficult for Buttigieg to overcome that, especially since he hasn’t led once all night.

C-SPAN caller wants to, and I quote, “empathize with the Latinos and the colored people.”

I love listening to C-SPAN callers.

More to the point: Can any of these candidates turn out the black vote in the numbers needed to win? Trump’s been playing hard, too, and won’t let up.

Don’t switch off yet!

Buttigieg versus Bernie is tightening up, and there are some big precincts yet to report.

This isn’t over.

I used to read Sabato very closely. I might not agree with his politics, but his analysis was often too sharp to ignore.

But he got TDS bad, and you should feel free to ignore him like I now do.

Why has no one said this before?

She hasn’t said a single line I haven’t heard her say in various debates.

Oh FFS. Klobuchar is telling her borrowed FDR anecdote for the second time tonight.

Wonder not why I drink.

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