Drunkblogging the New Hampshire Democratic Debate

Drunkblogging the New Hampshire Democratic Debate

I gave our PJ Media/Townhall VIP members a lengthy preview of tonight’s debate, but I don’t want anyone feeling left out — so here’s the short version:

Bernie Sanders has pulled enough punches — actually a replay of his huge pulled punch against Hillary Clinton and her Email Server of Doom in 2016 — that it made me wonder if he has the fire it takes to win the White House. (See the “Sanders Apologizes” link below.)

But things got real in Iowa, didn’t they? Real messed up [RIM SHOT]! Seriously, it looks like the DNC might have robbed Sanders of another win, and boosted Pete Buttigieg to get it done. Liz Warren campaign’s might have had its last (and first) hurrah in Iowa, coming in a distant third. And Joe Biden’s fourth-place finish barely put him over the 15% threshold for “viability.” Then there’s poor Amy Klobuchar. A fifth-place finish at 12% might have beaten expectations, but it didn’t garner her any delegates, and it remains to be seen if Klomentum is a thing. (Hint: Probably not.)

The Billionaire Boys didn’t contest Iowa, but eventually they’re going to have to do something more than spend money.

So I’ll repeat my question: With Friday night’s debate just hours from now and the New Hampshire primary just four days away, is this when it finally gets nasty?

Fingers crossed!

Slightly more seriously, I’m thinking two things:

• Biden is the one to watch for what he does, because what he’s been doing hasn’t been working, and he’s getting down to NOW OR NEVER on shaking up his struggling campaign.

• Bernie is the one to watch for what he endures from the other candidates, and maybe even from the DNC-approved moderators, because that nasty old Bolshie has the MSN-DNC freaking out.

So, with the debate stage prepared, let’s begin the drunkblog…


Read PJ Media’s debate recap here.

It was a debate about nothing.

Not exactly nothing. Each candidate thinks that they’re The One to beat Trump, and said so forcefully. Or in the case of Biden and Sanders, loudly.

But in terms of undoing all the gains made over the last three years, the seven candidates stand as one.

So they have that going for them, which isn’t nice for us.

But as a debate over ideas, it wasn’t a debate at all. Exact same ideas, varying only (and barely) in who would do the mostest fundamental transformation the fastest.

I don’t think that’s an easy sell in an economy with record-high confidence levels.

“Four more years” probably has a much nicer ring to it.

And that’s it for tonight, but I honestly can’t wait to drunkblog the New Hampshire results on Tuesday. They can’t all lose, but some of them surely will — and what a thrill that will be.

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That ought to keep you busy for a while — I’ll see you bright and early on Monday.

Thanks for tuning in.

I take it back. The closing topic is not child poverty. The closing topic is “Who wants to spend the most money on stuff that sounds really good but won’t do anything to fix the broken families that create child poverty?”

And seven hands go up.

“They’re all our children.”

Back away from my kids, Joe.



Joe Biden will put an end to having to move.

Um… OK?

Liz Warren believes that children are our future.

Yuge, if true.

Yep. It shouldn’t be a snooze-fest, since the radical is commonplace. But the only real debate is a battle of personalities — and there aren’t any strong personalities — over who can beat Trump.

It’s not a debate. It’s ME ME ME times seven.

Next topic: Child poverty.

The answer is simple: Broken families.

Anyone going to address that?

I think not.

It’s a big snooze-fest. I’ll explain why at the end.

Also, something I noticed from the comments: Where’s Biden been the last 20 minutes?

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