DOJ Prosecutors Ask For ANOTHER Delay in Flynn Case as Sidney Powell Fights For Dismissal

DOJ prosecutors on Friday asked for ANOTHER delay in the Flynn case in a status report filing as attorney Sidney Powell fights for a dismissal.

The feds are asking for three additional weeks to comb over documents provided to them by Flynn’s former lawyers.

Sara Carter reported:

The status report was filed by prosecutors Friday in anticipation of a scheduled hearing on April 3. Justice Department prosecutors stated in the status report that the documents provided by Flynn’s former legal counsel with Covington and Burling “are voluminous, span numerous topics that arose during Covington’s 30-month representation of Mr. Flynn, and include many pages of sometimes difficult-to-decipher handwritten notes.”

“The government needs additional time to digest this information and any additional information that Covington may provide,” the status report stated. “In order to allow the government adequate time to review the materials that have been produced and to request, receive, and review any follow-up information or documents, the government respectfully asks this Court to allow the government three additional weeks to provide a further status update and, if feasible, a proposed briefing schedule.”

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“The FBI and DOJ made up this ‘case,’ threatened to indict his son the next day if he did not plead guilty, hid–and are still hiding–the evidence that shows he is innocent, and they knew that all along,” Sidney Powell told Sara Carter. “Clapper and Brennan and others knew that Flynn intended to audit and clean out the corrupt intelligence agencies. They and the FBI targeted him to destroy with this false prosecution. Every day the government delays in dismissing this persecution is a disgrace for anything called “Justice” and an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars.”

General Flynn formally asked to withdraw his guilty plea in January and filed a motion to dismiss the case, accusing federal prosecutors of “egregious government misconduct.”

Mueller’s thug prosecutors however keep pushing to delay Flynn’s case in an effort to harass him and further put him into financial ruin.

The FBI ‘lost’ the original 302 summary report on the ambush interview with Flynn and altered the 302 report currently in his file.

President Trump reacted to the news of the ‘lost 302 report’ a couple weeks ago and said he was strongly considering a full pardon for Flynn.

“So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has “lost” the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!” Trump said in a tweet on March 15.

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