Trump Campaign Calls Jeff Sessions “Delusional” for Using President’s Name in Advertising

The Trump campaign sent a letter demanding former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions stop using President Trump’s name in his advertising.

The Trump campaign called Sessions “delusional” for using his name and told him the president does not support him.

It was because of Jeff Sessions that the criminal Mueller witch hunt was launched against this president.
The Mueller investigation derailed the president for two years until it was finally dissolved.

President Trump endorsed former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville in the Alabama Senate race.

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The New York Times reported:

President Trump’s campaign is demanding that Jeff Sessions, the former Attorney General, stop attaching himself to the president in his effort to win back his old Senate seat in Alabama, after Mr. Sessions distributed a campaign mailer that mentioned the president 22 times.

In an unusual letter to the Sessions campaign, which was obtained by The New York Times, the Trump campaign called Mr. Sessions’s claim that he is the president’s top supporter “delusional.”

“The Trump campaign has learned that your U.S. Senate campaign is circulating mailers like the one I have enclosed, in which you misleadingly promote your connections to and ‘support’ of President Trump,” Michael Glassner, the Trump campaign’s chief operating officer, wrote in the letter, which was sent on Tuesday.

Mr. Trump has endorsed Tommy Tuberville, a former football coach, over Mr. Sessions in the runoff to be the Republican nominee taking on the incumbent Democrat, Senator Doug Jones, in the fall. The runoff is currently scheduled for July 14.

But Mr. Sessions, who was the first attorney general in the Trump administration, has repeatedly invoked Mr. Trump throughout the campaign, even after Mr. Trump endorsed Mr. Tuberville.

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