Pretty Awkward Start to Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Presser Today… And He Only Took 4 Questions From Reporters (VIDEO)

Sleepy Joe held another Coronavirus press briefing from his home in Delaware on Thursday.

Only 1,800 viewers (probably mostly media) watched his livestream on Twitter and the entire time he droned on about making sure checks get delivered on time.

Joe’s presser had a pretty awkward start too.

Biden looked like a wax figure staring into space for about 5 seconds straight.

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According to reporters who watched the entire briefing, old Joe only took 4 questions from reporters.

President Trump has been holding daily Coronavirus briefings from the Rose Garden and the White House press room as reporters batter him with gotcha questions.

Joe Biden simply doesn’t have what it takes to lead the country. He’s sitting at home taking softballs from a handful of reporters while President Trump does the real heavy lifting.

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