LIVE: A Minidrunkblog of the Nevada Caucuses

LIVE: A Minidrunkblog of the Nevada Caucuses

Is “minidrunkblog” one word? Well, it is now.

My wife doesn’t usually let me work on weekends because apparently it makes me cranky. But tonight is special. We have the chance of a repeat of the Iowa Debacles, and maybe even a chance to stick a fork in Joe Biden’s political career. That’s something I’ve been wanting and waiting to do for more than three decades.

Besides, how could I possibly get cranky when I have a cayenne-rubbed ribeye to grill, frenches to fry, and a pitcher of margaritas to drink?

That said, it is a family dinner night and so I won’t be glued to my desk with a pair of monitors, not blinking for four hours.

But I will check in from time to time with anything of interest, praying the whole time for a great chance to watch the DNC-vs-BernieBros struggle erupt into something to make the Battle of the Somme look like talent night at my fourth-grader’s elementary school.

Fingers crossed… cocktails made.

Old and Cold: What will we do if the Bernie Bros won’t accept a loss?

New Hotness: WTF are we going to do with Bernie the Nominee?

It’s gotta be soon. Super Tuesday is less than two weeks away, and about a third of the delegates are at stake.

Good observation from Megan.


RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! is another one of those torpedos the Democrats launched against Trump and the GOP, but is circling back.

Sure does look like a rerun.

The entrance polls, FWIW, had Sanders killing it with Latinos and trailing Biden with Blacks by only 6 points. Biden’s South Carolina firewall is looking like highly flammable tissue.

Joe, take a little advice from your friend Ferris. Retire gracefully, and spend a little time with the baby of that stripper your son knocked up and refused to care for.

Oh, shut up, Bill.

The Dems won’t have you and the Republicans won’t have you back — and it’s all your own doing.

Ouch: “I beat him by going on – just moving on,” the former vice president told reporters at a stop at a precinct in Henderson, Nevada minutes before the start of the caucuses.

That’s Joe Biden, explaining that he’s going to turn this around by continuing to do what he’s been doing. And what he’s been doing is flaming out.

I was just saying something along these lines during a debate drunkblog. The Dems haven’t had a debate on issues, or better yet on political philosophy. All they’ve really talked about is electability, which isn’t really anything that can be proven in advance.

So why the hell not Bernie, is the natural conclusion for anyone with collectivist leanings.

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