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Drunkblogging Super Tuesday

All I want for my birthday is a brokered convention — will I get my birthday wish almost two months early?

Brokered Democratic conventions are fun, provided you’re watching from a safe distance. Via satellite. And have a Praetorian guard of riot cops with firehoses.

It’s the only way to be sure.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m hoping for a rerun of Chicago ’68, so the country can see that despite all the Left’s claims of incivility from the Right, they’re the ones who can’t keep it zipped. Metaphorically speaking, of course, unless we’re speaking of Bill Clinton.

The best way to turn Milwaukee into Chicago is by a brokered convention that denies Bernie Sanders the nomination. And the best way to get to a brokered convention is to have Joe Biden do well enough to keep Sanders from reaching 1,990 delegates — a third of which are at stake tonight.

The first polls close minutes from now at 7pm Eastern, and the first cocktail was poured about 15 minutes ago.

Join me, won’t you?

(Drunkblog continues below the DDHQ live results feed.)

The NyQuil has won, so I’ll leave you with this.

And read the item directly below, which is good enough for a wrap.


Biden needed a big win in Texas — which polls showed him getting right up until yesterday — to make up for expected weak performances in the South, and perhaps some closer decisions in the Midwest and New England.

Instead, Sanders may have lost Texas, got creamed in most of the South, and underperformed everywhere else (at best). To make up for that, Sanders needs a much bigger margin of victory in CA than seems possible now.

It’s a disaster for him.

Dear Mike,

When you spent all those millions to buy the Virginia government, it was with candidates who weren’t you.

Just sayin’.


-Your friendly neighborhood VodkaPundit


I don’t know how Sanders catches up after losing four out of tonight’s Big Five states, some by yuge margins.

Neither does Sanders.

Well look at this.

With about 1/3rd reporting, Biden is within a point or so of Sanders in Texas.

If you’re around my age (I’m 50), you LOLed.

My back-of-the-envelope math had Sanders at maybe 200 in CA, but even that was predicated on Biden getting a traditional-sized bounce out of South Carolina, instead of the Mega Super Duper Happy Fun Ball bounce he got instead.

I’ll repeat my question from earlier: How much better would Biden be doing if Bloomberg hadn’t jumped in to save the party from a Biden collapse?

If Warren slips under the threshold, that’s good news for Sanders.

Yes, yes, yes — we all knew that. Foregone conclusion.

But by how much? All that matters is the delegate count.

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