Areas Hit Hardest by Coronavirus All Voted Against Trump But He Helps Them Anyways

Democrats Should thank God President Trump is a president for Every American.

President Trump won the 2016 in an electoral college landslide.  He won over 30 states and a huge percent of counties around the US.  The areas that he did not win were the Democrat held big cities.  Areas like New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco all went to former first lady Hillary Clinton.  Now the areas that voted against President Trump need him the most.

Fortunately for the Democrat strongholds, President Trump is doing all he can to help them overcome the China coronavirus.

A map from the New York Times shows that the same areas that voted against President Trump are the areas hardest hit by the China coronavirus.  New York City accounts for near 40% of all coronavirus cases in the US:

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Americans are fighting together against the China coronavirus.  It doesn’t matter what their politics are, Americans are willing to help others when they can, especially President Trump.

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