Judicial Watch Fights Unresolved FISA Court Scandal

“I’m still waiting for the FISA Court to say “we’re initiating court proceedings,” Tom Fitton states in today’s re-airing of his FISA Court clip from the Judicial Watch Weekly Update. 

Largely overshadowed by the Coronavirus pandemic, the FISA court scandal, “the widest, most destructive corruption scandal in US history” remains unresolved as affirmed at CPAC by  Fitton in March. After years of efforts aimed at exposing the illicit nature of the FBI’s spying on candidate and then President Trump, Judicial Watch finally “exposed the truth” late last year. Entirely consumed by the Schiff-Pelosi impeachment efforts, many Americans may have forgotten about the true extent of the FISA scandal. 

Judicial Watch’s efforts to uncover the scandal resulted in the FISA Court’s recent admission that “at least” two of the four court authorizations to spy on Carter Page were “fraudulent.” Despite knowing of its “lies” to the court, the FBI “didn’t do anything about it. They waited until the IG report to tell them [the FISA court] things they should have known for at least two years.” To be clear, a December 9, 2019 letter from the DOJ states “there was insufficient predication to establish probable cause to believe that Carter Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power.” However, with the Presiding Judge of the FISA Court, Judge Boasberg recently appointing an ex-Obama-appointee and “anti-Trump activist” to investigate FISA corruption, there may be little hope for justice over the “coup-cabal’s” manipulation of the court. According to Fitton, this decision compromises the independence of the court. In his recently re-aired FISA clip, he states “The independence of the courts? That’s a big lie. the courts aren’t independent.. the courts too often work hand and glove with the government against the interests of the American people and contrary to law in my opinion.” The appointment, in Fitton’s words “further undermines the confidence of the American people in the court’s ability to administer justice.” 

“Everything needs to be done with the thought that people should have confidence in the fair administration of justice,” Fitton states. Despite the now exposed corruption of the FBI in “lying to the FISA court,” FBI Director Wray’s response is typical of DC politics, in that his remarks reflect the DC mantra “let’s make more laws but not prosecute those who broke the laws.” according to Fitton. 

Today, “because the FBI had invalid warrants, they’ve agreed to sequester “wall-off” the information they gathered from the warrants, the spy garbage they picked up on Trump, Carter Page and who knows who else,” Fitton reports. When it comes to FISA reform, “don’t be distracted America. The debate should not be about whether the court should be authorized, but who should be prosecuted for illegally spying on President Trump.”

You can find Tom Fitton’s FISA clip here, and Tom Fitton’s FISA speech at CPAC here.

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