Grumpy Old White Men: Drunkblogging the Democratic Diversity Debate

How’s that whole party of youth and diversity thing working out for you?

And then there were two: Grumpy and grumpier, white and whiter, rich and richer.

Well, three actually, since Tulsi Gabbard is technically still in the race. But having changed the rules once to exclude her, the DNC can’t very well just change them again to let her in. That kind of thing is reserved for old rich white men like Mike Bloomberg, who is not still in the race — technically or otherwise — despite the DNC’s rule-breaking efforts to make a contender out of him.

Speaking of diversity, tonight’s moderators will be Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, Ilia Calderón, who run the gamut from drearily progressive to shopworn progressive.

With Calderón as one of the moderators, I’m hoping the candidates get a chance to try out their campaign trail Spanish. Or in Biden’s case, his English.

To help the DNC push, pull, or tow Biden across the finish line, tonight’s debate format — over objections from the Sanders campaign — has been changed to favor the slow and the sleepy. The candidates will be seated, and (due to the coronavirus) there will be no live audience.

There will be a live drunkblogger, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t make that first drink an Irish coffee to make up for the lack of energy you can be sure we’ll see on the stage tonight.

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The drunkblog begins in five… four… three…

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