Drunkblogging Super Tuesday the Lesser

Drunkblogging Super Tuesday the Lesser

Six states enter, one state leaves.

Sorry, wrong intro — I keep hoping for Thunderdome, but I keep getting crabby old guys who think they have a shot at becoming the next President of the United State.

Still, it’s a big night.

Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington all vote in Democratic primaries today, plus statewide caucuses in North Dakota.

Michigan is the big enchilada of Super Tuesday the Lesser, with 125 pledged delegates up for grabs. It’s widely considered a must-win for Bernie Sanders. Sanders failed to capitalize in California last week, which is why he’s now 96 delegates behind Joe Biden instead of closer to being tied as many (including yours truly) had expected.

So if Sanders is going to fight this thing all the way to the national convention in Milwaukee, he’s got to haul in some delegates tonight — and the best place to do that is in Michigan.

RCP’s poll average gives Biden a massive 22.4 point lead in the Great Lake State.

On the other hand, this just happened in Detroit, where Biden told a local gun enthusiast “You’re full of sh*t.”


And this just happened in Missouri:


Will Biden’s apparent cognitive decline help put Bernie back in the action?

We’ll find out tonight on another exciting Primary Night Drunkblog.

It all begins in a few minutes, just below our Decision Desk HQ live results ticker.

Once again, in a state where Sanders needed blowout, he’ll do well to eke out a win.

Since I have one sick kid and another healthy one still to get to school tomorrow, I’m going to make like Bernie and bail on everyone.

Exit question: Now that Biden has the nomination process wrapped up, will he actually be the nominee?

As I said earlier, Sanders can probably keep raising enough money to stagger on all the way to Milwaukee, but it’s diminishing returns from here on out.

And the returns haven’t been great since New Hampshire, when Sanders decided to pull his punches (like he did against Clinton in ’16) rather than go for the throat when Biden was down.

One more time before the final results start coming in…

We’re doing the awesome promotion again tonight.

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All you have to do when you sign up is use tonight’s special promo code.

Want to know what it is?

The promo code is: Dementia.

Surely, you can’t forget that.

Assuming there is another debate. It’s supposed to be on Sunday night, and I’d cleared my calendar well in advance.

But what do you figure the odds are, with Bernie doing his disappearing act tonight, that there will be a debate on the 15th?

OVERHEARD: Sanders won’t appear tonight at all.

My matching Franzia gag is looking pretty spot-on right now, isn’t it?

Maybe Hillary showed up at Sanders HQ with matching boxes of Franzia.

It’s just a slaughter.

Biden is up by 14 now in Michigan, by almost 2-to-1 in Missouri, and better than 4-to-1 in Mississippi.

This one is dedicated to Bernard from his good friend Jospeh.

Oh, and I fully expect them to try and hide Biden away as best they can.

If the DNC wants to hide Biden away through November 3, maybe a whisper campaign would be even deadlier than a Full Negative Ad Assault.

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